Protestor at Weinstein Hall (1970) Diana Davies

This & That:
Know This:
Google Earth will use it powers for good — to help get mines out of the ground.
Liberal radio host Bill Press is crusading against The Star-Spangled Banner. 
A 6-year-old sent Brandon Jacobs $3.36 to stay with the Giants.
Read This:
How a decade-long Internet cancer hoax unraveled.
An interview with Aaron Sorkin in advance The Newsroom premiere.
Watch This:
A little kid tries to encourage the Miami Heat after their loss in Game 5.
Michelle Obama presents Letterman’s Top Ten List.
An interview fail compilation from gaming expo E3.
Make sure you’ve seen the new version of David After Dentist.
Look At This:
The most gorgeous watertower in all the world.
Remember perler beads? An ’80s craft icon gets a fashionable makeover.
Finally — an infographic of Pulp Fiction in chronological order.
Tea Time Twitter: #NASASummerVacation
Tea Time Tumblr: Movie Simpsons
Tea Time List: 20 Powerful Quotes By Ray Bradbury
Above: brigittezieger

David Doubilet
Chinstrap and gentoo penguins on a small ice floe near Danko Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
The guest curators for this year’s LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph—beginning June 7 in Charlottesville, Va.—spoke to LightBox about how the festival came together. See more here.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin
Soviet cosmonaut and first man into outer space.
The double spiral staircase in Graz, Austria (1438)
Everson Museum of Art Syracuse, New York (1961-64) I.M. Pei
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